I am not just an It Works distributor, I am also somewhat of a beauty and healthcare buff. Like most women, I get a little bit giddy when I walk down the cosmetic aisle of a store or happen to find myself online looking at all the beautiful, elegant products that just seem to gleam back at you. I understand the importance of taking care of my body and skin and as I got older, I needed to find a routine that was natural, gentle, and that actually worked.

That is why I feel so blessed that It Works came into my life. Not only do we harvest the best and finest ingredients and hold all of our products to exceptionally high standards, but we do so in a way that is natural and actually works! Since It Works has quickly been making its way to the top, it has integrated new and exciting products that contain the highest technology into the It Works brands.

Although the products in our skin care line, such as the facials, toners, and cleansers are top Want to lose weight after giving birth – give up Babysitting notch and extremely thorough, I knew it was only a matter of time until It Works introduced us to an innovative new product and just as I expected, the new It Works Exfoliating Peel does not disappoint. It contains natural ingredients that enhance and repair the appearance of your skin.

If you know anything about peels, you probably know that many of them burn and itch and leave your skin in a terribly irritated state afterwards. The one-of-a-kind It Works Exfoliating Peel contains micro-beads that are packed with aloe to soothe your skin and leave it feeling refreshed. That’s why I love this product. I don’t get any of the irritating side effects of a traditional chemical peel, yet I get the same great results.

So, as my holiday gift to you I am giving one of my readers the chance to win a bottle of the new It Works Exfoliating Peel to show my appreciation for your support! Enter below, you won’t be disappointed! Also, make sure you check out all of the great holiday discount sets this year. You’ll receive loyal customer prices on all your favorites and with the set you’ll even get a free bottle of It Works Exfoliating Peel!


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Tons of people think that building muscle automatically means a big and bold physique, but this couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. The It Works New You supplement stimulate your growth hormone for muscle building, fat burning, and a better night’s rest.

As we get older, it’s incredibly important that we lead healthy lifestyles and keep a healthy muscle mass otherwise we can end up experiencing a great deal of unwanted and negative health issues. Many people think that building muscle mass can only be achieved through pumping iron and lifting weights but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The It Works New You supplement can help you build muscle naturally and easily along with regular exercise.

Women, in particular, generally stay away from anything that leads to muscle building or growth because they fear that it will give them a bulky, boxy, or large figure but building muscles can and will actually give you a fit and slim figure that is toned to perfection. Remember, fat weighs half as much as muscle but takes up a whopping five times the amount of space. Some of us need a little more help than others and that’s what makes the It Works New You supplement the perfect choice for toning those muscles.

That’s why we are super excited to give you the opportunity to enter our It Works New You supplement giveaway. Health and fitness are super important to us here at Fit and Slim and that’s why we take every opportunity to help you become a better you. It’s super easy to enter our giveaway. All you will need to do is join our mailing list which is packed with lots of helpful information. Just enter below for your chance to win the It Works New You giveaway!

For more information visit our .

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have huge savings on our holiday packages, you can get cheap skinny wraps!  Our company only offers this one time a year.  If you are a distributor, you can take advantage of these low low prices!  Be sure to reach out to all your previous and current loyal customers so, they too can take advantage of this. If you have been a loyal customer in the past, you are able to purchase these since you are locked into lifetime pricing with no further commitment.

1) Here Comes Skinny Claus includes: Ultimate Body Applicator, Fab Wrap, Stretch Mark Cream, Ultimate ThermoFit, Advanced Formula Fat Fighter. Retail Price $192 / Loyal Customer Price $115, savings $77!  This package is for the person who wants to lose weight, tone up and possibly lose some inches fast! Cheap Body Wraps!

2) Merry, Clean & Bright includes: Cleanser, Facial, Exfoliating Peel. Retail Price $150 / Loyal Customer Price $90, savings $60! Oh my, I just got my peel in a few weeks ago and it has changed me!  Diminished those crows feet and little lines.  So, if you or someone would love to fight aging, this is the package.  You can get 10-12 ($3-4 a treatment) peels out of the new product!  At a med spa, it would cost $50 for just one.

 3) Yule-Tighten Greetings includes: Ultimate Body Applicator, Fab Wrap, Defining Gel. Retail Price $130. Loyal Customer Price $78, savings $52! This is great for those that just want to tighten, tone, firm up, diminish stretch marks and possibly lose inches. If you bought this with our normal loyal customer discount price it would be $105, so you are saving an additional $27!  Great package for new loyal customers! Cheap Skinny Wraps!

4) Grinch Free Holiday includes: Confianza, Greens on the Go-Berry. Normal Retail Price $70 / Loyal Customer Price $42, savings $28!    Ahhhh, 2 of our supplements that are a must in my house!  If you have never tried them, this is a great time!  Normally loyal pricing would be $58!

This is the cheapest you will ever find our products from It Works.  Take advantage, stock up and save.  This is even the best discounts we will get too! Adorable packaging and so much fun!  Great holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers and loved ones!    

Get your skinny wraps and several of our products at the cheapest price all year!

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out! Free Consults always welcome!

– Jennifer, Amber & Faith

We are located in Orlando, but serve world wide!

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How to become a It Works Distributor.  What does it mean to be an It Works Distributor, and how can I become one?  It Works is our corporate company that offers all of the amazing products that I personally sell through my website, at events, or locally.  As a distributor for It Works Global, I suppose you can say it is similar to being a contractor, sales rep or an account executive for them.   They provided everything to me (products, marketing tools, website, literature, business model), making it easy to do my job or my part.  I really do feel this is an opportunity of a lifetime.  They have the right product, right marketing concepts and low overhead.

To become a distributor is super easy!  You pay a one-time fee of $99, in return not only do you get the rights to resale the entire product line but, you will also get your business builder kit.  The business builder kit contains a nice box to use for future presentations, light marketing materials and a box of 4 wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators).  Each of those wraps retail $25-35, allowing you to resale them and recoup your initial investment if you choose.  I strongly suggest that you use those wrap applicators on yourself.  This will allow you to have your own personal story and your own before and after pictures to share with family and friends.  You also get your website for free the first month.  It is crazy to think you can own your own business for only $99!  When I opened my other business years ago, it cost me thousands of dollars (flooring, build out, signage, inventory, business license, attorneys, payroll, utilities, rent – the list goes on).   If you ever wanted to own your own business and be your own boss, this is a fabulous opportunity.  Our company is near a billion dollar a year in sales and we still have fewer than 100,000 of distributors around the entire world!  So, no one can challenge me about the legitimacy of our product line when we are selling near a billion dollars a year! Our flag ship product, the Ultimate Body Applicator (body wraps or also called skinny wraps), no other company has or will ever have. You will not find this product on late night T.V. , Wal-Mart or Walgreens!  You can only find it through distributors like me, salons, up-scale boutique’s and med-spa’s.

That is all that is required to resell our product line, a onetime fee of $99!  Is there a catch? No!  I can tell you from personal experience some tips you should do if you really are serious about making serious money!  I have done this rodeo myself and want to share the strongest pointers and explain why you want to set up your business from the get go!

What is your goal or mission?  To get and help clients, retain them and find great distributors to help grow the product in your area.  Since we have less than 100K distributors, we are looking for more!  You do get earnings of the distributors you enroll.  Why? If you are a great distributor or leader, you will help train and teach the new person coming into the business.  Is this a pyramid?  No, this is not a pyramid scheme.  If that is what you are looking for, then move on.  Just because someone can earn a commission off of training and helping someone else build their business, it does not mean it is a pyramid.  There is no cap for anyone entering the company, meaning if I enroll you and you happen to have more sales than I do, you can earn more than me in commission and bonuses.  I do not hold you back (which is what a pyramid scheme is or as I call it a glass ceiling).  You can earn your potential yourself, no one can take that away from you.   Since it is your business, it will fall back on you to what you earn.  Meaning, if you work it like a business and run it like a business, you can end up with a thriving business while working from home or a second income.

Here are a few tips to help you get off to a great start!

  • You will want to run your auto ship for 2 boxes of wraps either as you purchase your business builder kit or within a few weeks if you cannot afford to do so at the time of initial sign up.  Why? There are a few reasons.  First, you need product in hand to get clients.  I would say 85% of my clients that have purchased products from me are always interested in the wrap.  But, they want to try just one before purchasing more.  So, you need to have the wrap on hand to resell to them so they can make an informed choice about purchasing more of them.   This is awesome, because you make cash profit back, while you are gaining clients (which ends up being your monthly commission).    Second, auto ship is not required, but if you run it –  it unlocks the door for free products and bonus money.  The theory behind that I think is that you need product or wraps to sell to get clients.  So, the company found a way to reward you as well.    How can you sell product, if you do not have any one you?
  • You will want to set up a launch event where you invite your family and your friends over to share the products or the wraps with them. You will want to set it up or start planning it the day you buy your kit!  You do not want to wait till your kit comes, as our business loves speed and they have incentives to help you if you get your first 4 clients in 30 days.  Point is, you can kill two weeks of those 30 days, just sitting around doing nothing.  You can start working your business the day you sign up.  So, set up that date! I strongly suggest setting it up 10-12 days out from the day you purchase your business builder kit.  This is why I suggest running your auto ship for 2 boxes of wraps at sign up, so you have product in hand fast to sell!   You have unlocked all doors to potential earnings and have 8 extra wraps for that launch event.  What is your short term goal?   Setting up that event and wrapping 8 people!  Remember, you will have your box of 4 that you can learn “how to”.  With shipping and tax, your total will be around / approximate $225-235 for the kit and the 8 wraps.  If you sell those 8 wraps, you will recoup your total investment!  If 4 of those people you wrap become clients – BOOM, you now earn a nice amount of free product, wrap rewards plus commission and don’t forget you got to wrap yourself for free.


The above steps I am talking about, are very easy to obtain and I personally feel are realistic!  If you choose to be on my team and do not live local, I spend time with you on the phone training you, helping you and ensuring you are well on your way to running your business.

  • I do suggest you plan on paying for the website after the first month (remember it’s included the first 30 days with $99 business builder kit). Why do I suggest it, because the website takes credit cards for you.  You do not have to worry about any of that, plus your clients that do not know you, may not want to give you that information.  If you need to balance it out though, if you had to cut out this fee the first few months till you were up and running you could.  I feel you should have this, but I feel stronger about you having product in your hand to re-sale and grow your business.


Do you have to run your auto ship, no.  Do you have to have the website, no.   Again, I am just giving you some advantage pointers to making serious money faster.  Think about it, if you have your launch event soon and recoup money and make money, you will feel successful!  Also in that launch event, you can reach out and ask them to share the products with others or host an event for you.  Next thing you know, you could have 3 more events lined up and then the domino effect takes place.


If you happened to just read this and are only interested in our product line, then we are so glad you found us!  Our company has amazing natural products that really work!  That is how our name was born, It Works!  Our wrap that is the flag ship of our company was actually created and used over in Europe at fine spa’s and resorts for over $200-$250 a treatment.    One of our founders discovered the product and formed our company.  They repackaged the product and made it easy for anyone to use the product on themselves in the comfort of their own home!  This product is priceless as and it has helped so many.  It has not only helped them get their body back and save them hundreds, but for the distributors that help share the product it gave them a business opportunity of a lifetime. Our company and our products have been in the news all over and featured at the Emmy’s and Oscar’s celeb suites for the last handful of years.  


Since our company was founded, they actually hired the botanist that created that magical wrap who in turn created an entire skin care line and the company has grown with clients all over the world.  If you think that wrap is magical, you have to learn more about the other great products he created and again they are all natural!  Whether you want to be an It Works Global Distributor, or a customer – I can help!  I offer free consults and take pride in helping people obtain their goals! Now that you learned how to become an It Works Distributor is easy, I want to help save you time and energy.    Please feel free to contact me or click below if you are ready to get started today!

After you join my team, I will personally contact you within 24 business!

Scarlett Johansson Pregnant

It always seems to be a wonder every year of what celebrities our expecting!  I think I have to admit I am one of them, I am not sure why?  If you also are curious and know the reason why, please tell me!  I mean, I do not go bonkers over it.  I just like to see their style while they are pregnant and am always curious what they choose to name their baby.  I have friends that are more of a stalker than I am, they want to know due dates, sex of the baby, birth weight and the whole 9 yards.  I love maternity fashion for some reason, or at least what the celebrities wear since obviously they can afford the most beautiful clothes for pregnant woman.  I believe I shopped at Target for all three of my pregnancies, I even wore my grandmother’s pants (no, it was not becoming).  2014 seemed to  be another year of several pregnant celebrities.


Mila Kunis Pregnant- she just gave birth to a baby girl!

With our product line, we get asked all the time: “Can I wrap while I am pregnant”, or what products they can use.  First off, no you do not want to wrap while you have a baby on the way.  I can go on a tangent of why you can’t, but lets keep it simple and just say no.   However, after you have the baby you can wrap.  If you had a c-section, you would want to wait to wrap your tummy until your incision is healed.  I will take the time to give you the list of what you can have however and then my favorite three from the list and why.


The following our safe during  pregnancy!

  • Greens
  • Vital all natural vitamins
  • Pro Fit protein mix (you can bake with this too, not just for shakes)
  • Face Wash
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Repair Age (day time moisturizer)
  • Prevent Age (night time moisturizer)
  • Hydrating Facial Applicator (wrap for your face)
  • Stretch Mark Creme
  • Lifting Lip and Eye Cream (plumps your lips)

Christina Aguilera Pregnant, so adorable!


What our facial applicator looks like!

Ok, so what are my 3 favorite.   I never was pregnant and used the products since they were not available at that time.  I am just going on knowing the in’s and out’s of my three pregnancies.  Also, another fun fact about me is that I am also a    So, I have worked with a lot of pregnant women!  I think it is obvious that the stretch mark cream should be on the list.  That product has been amazing for my stretch marks several years later.  I got mine on my breast, so unfortunately I can not share a before and after with you.  A bottle goes a long way and if you take the time to massage it into your skin, I feel it works even more.  My second product, I would have kept this in my purse is the hydrating toner!  We all get a little warm while we are pregnant and this is a quick refreshment for your skin.  The other reason this product is a top pick is it compliments the stretch mark cream and my third product of choice.  After you take a nice warm shower, dry off,  and then you use the hydrating toner not just on your face but, all the areas you are targeting with the stretch mark cream.  Many people are not aware there are several types of toners on the market.  Our’s does not have alcohol in it or any chemicals or pesticides for that matter.   It moisturizes in the upper layers of the skin by skin and also balances the ph.  It also compliments our entire skin line by enhancing your results.  At one of our conventions the botanist who developed our entire skin line was asked if he was stuck on an island, what would be the one product he would want.  He made it clear, he too loved the hydrating toner!  So, what is my final third product that would have been a must have on my list are the Facial Wrap Applicators.  Most woman experience dry itchy skin for one thing, but it actually is such a refreshing treat to give to yourself.  Did I mention it firms the skin, crows feet, evens the skin tone and reduces the puffiness too!  Again you are able to use the toner prior to using the facial applicator giving yourself a mini spa like treatment.

I would love to know celebrities top picks of their favorite products while pregnant, maybe I am more nosy than I thought!

Here we are again with our latest giveaway for the fall season just in time for Thanksgiving. This time we are giving away an entire bottle of Fat Fighters. Fat Fighters can be taken before or after a meal to help block a portion of the fats and carbs. This way you can have your cheat day without all of the guilt. Also, visit our most recent  to see Jen’s review on Fat Fighters and watch her instructional video!

Be sure to enter our giveaway below. The contest will close on November 14, 2014 so be sure to get your entry in before then and good luck!

Ok, so this is our number one top selling supplement our Advanced Formula Fat Fighters and this supplement is super cool!  It does not work the same way as the competition on the market and honestly in my book it has no competition.  It works in your stomach first off, where most work in the intestines.  What is the big deal?  Well, you do not have the urgency effect, the cramps, the gas or the leaky part (if you do not know what I mean by leaky, just try to imagine where I AM NOT GOING). By working in your stomach the fat  never hits your bloodstream so, if you are trying to also lower your cholesterol this product can help.  It also has chromium  to help keep your blood sugars steady, which also  helps if you have blood sugar issues. Plus steady blood sugars also help with weight loss for those that do not know that!   It also only works on the bad fat not the good fats (like olive oil, fats in nuts, omega etc).    The ingredients you will find our garcinia cambogia, melon extract & (comes from a certain type of cactus) . You also do not have a requirement of how many fat grams you can have in a serving, some restrict you to 14 grams or else once again those leaky side effects will happen.  The fat fighters block up to 19 grams of fat PLUS carbohydrates.  So to me that says a lot!  Plus there are no chemical or pesticides in it and has super-foods for your pancreas.  Dr. Oz has talked about all of our ingredients and guess what, we have it all wrapped up into one supplement.

The best time to take the advanced formula fat fighter is 45 minutes to one hour after you have eaten.  The reason is, the fat you digest will be on top of any liquids in your tummy making it easier for it to grab and block the fat.  However, You do not need to take it at the time for it to work.  You can take it an hour prior to eating or up to an hour after you eat.  I love that because in case you forget to take it, you have some make up time.  I also love it because if you are happy with your weight and do not want to gain any back you have a fall back solution to eating that birthday cake, pizza, thanksgiving dinner and so on.  I personally think if your taking this product to lose weight you should eat clean and as lean protein as you can.  In other words, don’t drive through McDonalds, take this and expect to lose weight.  Plus I am all about promoting a lifestyle change because if you don’t once you stop taking the fat fighters you can gain the weight back.  So, you want to learn how to eat right, portion control, and drinking a lot of water.  You can take this product with your two largest meals a day for an opportunity to block 38 grams of fat and carbohydrates.


When trying to lose weight you never want to have more than 60 grams of fat in your diet (including the good fats).  So, imagine if your actually following that 60 gram rule – 38 = 22 grams.  Plus fat equals calories and the fat fighters will then save you 348 calories!  That is a huge number if you are on a 1500 calorie diet.  If your walking for 30 minutes a day or getting a full on work out you actually could have an intake under 1000 calories (I know some are doing a 1200 calorie diet, but hey I like to eat).  So, I do give this product a great review for this product and it is very affordable.  Our loyal customer price is only $23 for 60 pills!  Being a loyal customer is not that complicated, it just means your committing to any one product a month for 3 months (we call it the 90 day challenge).  You can swap out your products each month, example: you do not use all your fat fighters so, you order wraps or vitamins.  We will send you an email prompting you to decide what you want that month.  It is our goal to help you find the right products that work for you during those 90 days so, we encourage you to try out a few different things depending on your budget!

I will suggest to those that are serious about dropping 3-4 pounds a week to also try our supplement  Be sure to click on the word to find out more information, but that product is a metabolism enhancer and it too burns near 300 calories a day.  If you decide to take both, you take your Thermofit one hour prior to meal and your advanced formula fat fighter 45 min – 1 hour after.  You will then have help with over 600 calories if you take the daily dose.  I still can not believe all the high quality ingredients that is in this supplement, you are getting 5 times your monies worth. So, where does the fat go?  It simply passes through your bowel movements.  It has to go somewhere.   Here is my video that offers a demonstration of how the product actually works in your stomach while offering a little humor  in my parody.  Life is to short not to laugh as much as you can.  Be sure to enter the contest below to win a full bottle of 60 advanced                                                                                                  formula fat fighters.

My favorite costume for Halloween

I am in love, I am in love can I say it again, I am in love with this Etsy store, French Market Stitch, that design the most beautiful Burlesque Costumes I have seen! When I was a little girl my grandmother every year used to take my sister and I to a few can can shows and we would also go to the Pepsi Cola Saloon.  At age four I really wanted to grow up and be a showgirl. I was always in love with the costumes, the lace, the boning in the corsets, the feathers – I could go on and on.  When the movie Burlesque came

Christina Aguilera in Burlesque

out with Christina Aguilera and Cher, I was so excited.  My favorite part, when they were performing, and looking at all the costumes.  I do not think I even paid much attention to the plot of the movie the first time I watched it, I sat in amazement.

Olympian Burlesque Costume

I am proud to say I have dressed in a few Burlesque outfits for Halloween or costume parties, as it is always of course my first choice but, I did not end up being a professional show girl. I am sure my parents are happy about that too! So, why am I talking about these beautiful diddies that still make me tingle when I look at them?  Because you want to look tight, tone and firm in your outfit.  This once again leads me back to our amazing Ultimate Body Applicator, aka that skinny wrap.  Drum roll, to date I have lost 30 pounds from my big hormonal weight gain that I have been blogging about!  Even if I still was a little heavier, I would easily jump on wearing one of this boutique’s outfits as corsets can make everyone feel and look sexy!  Typically Halloween as we all jokingly say gives us ladies a reason to dress up more provocative.  From naughty nurses, french maids and kitty cats these types of costumes pull out a reason to show off your booty, your tummy and push up the girls.  I prefer to go corset style myself but once again you want your

Show Girl Burlesque Costume

arms to be firm and my thighs to be as well.  So, if you are a customer, make sure you got your wrap on.  If your not a customer you still have time to do one full treatment on your tummy and your arms, or your tooshy before Halloween night!

Gypsy Burlesque Costume

Summer is over, the bikini’s are packed up – but, this does not give you a reason to stop taking care of yourself.  We will always have events we want to look amazing for, even Halloween. Think about it?  We have New Years, Valentines, Summer, skinny jeans and boots with the fur for fall and winter, Halloween, New Years Eve and so on.  The great thing about the skinny wraps is after you have reached your goal, you can just do touch ups as needed and a little more for special occasions.  So for me, I will be wrapping away my arms for this Halloween to show off my litttle bit of sculpt I have gotten thanks to my personal trainer.

To purchase your skinny wraps and to get more details about this amazing all natural product that will change the way you look and feel about your body from the inside out please visit

You can find these beautiful Burlesque Costumes at

and by the way, the prices are amazing for the quality of these!

Katy Perry has to be my daughter’s favorite performer. I prefer to say performer instead of singer because in my opinion she is true talent and performs her heart out. I was actually blessed to see Katy Perry Sing and perform on her first tour in a smaller arena and even though the arena was small, she gave it 500%. This blog just happens to tie in Katy Perry and the topic of poop. My daughter, who is ten, has been playing guitar for the last few years and singing in a rock band. She will tell you hand over fist Katy inspires her. We decided to use Katy as our video spoof character when talking about something personal, pooping and colon health. We figured if this video ever got back to her, she would not take it personal as she has an amazing sense of humor and is quite comfortable being open and honest about certain topics. So Katy Perry, if you see this – I want you to know you inspire my daughter who has had some health challenges, faced with being bullied at school but, finds her own world through the power of music – thank you.

Constipation, being regular, pop and color health! Yuk, right? Actually what people do not realize is that you a lot about someone’s health through their poop. It can reveal sign’s of cancer, digestion problems, infections along with a few other things. Make sure you pay close attention to the color even! If you have jet black stool that could be a flag that something is up. Even the shape can indicate something. Dr. Oz explained before on a few of his t.v. shows that the perfect shape is when it comes out like an “S”, and not broken up into pieces. How you can achieve this on your own is a healthy clean diet and eating fiber.

Did you know that it is estimated that the average human can store between 5 – 25 pounds of poop that is built up in their colon? That just alarms me, I have to say. I will be open about my personal issue is that I am not a regular kind of girl. When I discovered and read more about what fibers were better than others, how much water I should be drinking to help – I jumped on the band wagon. Then I started thinking about that 5-25 pounds stored and knowing I was on my weight loss journey I decided to do a colon cleanse to start with a power kick. The product, “Regular”, offers a safe colons cleanse. It has neither chemicals nor pesticides and is made out of ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS! It also offered a detox on my colon along with restoring the ph to help me get to being more regular. I think my favorite thing about this product is that your body does not get addicted to it like a lot of the laxatives on the market, nor does it make you cramp or run to the bathroom. So, my first week I lost 6.5 pounds from doing that colon cleanse and I felt great (along with eating clean). I had more energy, I was not feeling bloated and it really got me excited to want to keep those few pounds off and head to my journey of 55 pounds to lose. By the way, I am down 30 pounds as of today. I now take the product just a few times a week to help ensure I am regular all the time and love the fact I am giving my colon some pretty amazing stuff and it also supports my liver and my gall bladder! I strongly suggest if you’re looking for a colon cleanse to try this product out and then take it just 1-2 times a week depending on your needs.

Getting optimal results from skinny wraps to get your own review will all be based on YOU. Making sure you take that before picture and after picture 72 hours later, drinking the proper water, not showering for 6-8 hours after wrapping, eating clean and not putting toxins back in your body is really key in getting amazing results from skinny wrapping. If you have heard bad reviews or skeptics, I always ask them to show me their pictures! 90% of the time I hear, I did not take pictures – I could just not see the one I did work. I have only had this happen I believe 5 times out of over hundreds of clients. But, what people do not understand first off is just doing one applicator is not going to give you life changing results. A full treatment is a box of 4 and on average most people need 2 boxes for their tummy and then a touch up (like your hair or nails) every 4-6 weeks.

So, I encourage those few people to keep working with the product and make sure they are taking pictures or if they want to a measuring tape. The only issue with a measuring tape and inch loss is that inch loss is a common side effect of this product but, it is not a guarantee. What we guarantee is firming and toning of the skin. We have a lot of already fit people that are using our wraps to add definition to their skin, but they don’t really see much inch loss rather than definition to their skin, like a 6-pack or their abs etc.